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Frequently asked questions in McHenry, ILlinois


Q|: How do i know if an electrical outlet should be replaced?

A|: There are several indications that an electrical outlet has become unsafe or should be replaced.
  • If an electrical plug can no longer hold tightly in the outlet,
  • If part of the outlet is broken or chipped and
  • If it's warm to the touch.
If any of these conditions exist you should call a licensed electrical technician.

Q|: What should i do if a light switch isn't working?

A|: If your outlet does not seem to work try to reset the circuit breaker at the main panel. Check the appliance plugged into the outlet on another outlet. If none of these solve your issue then we recommend calling a licensed electrician to evaluate your situation.

Q|: what areas do you service?

A|: Our services areas include: McHenry, Illinois and surrounding areas.

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